Asian Top Granite

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Asian Top Granite is a rich dark brown stone with some characteristics close to tan brown, but with a colour which is far less red than the tan brown material. The background structure is charcoal to black, with coffee-coloured floral crystals adding the colour to give an overall effect of chocolate mocha brown. Due to the small-scale pattern it will not show dust and smears as badly as some of the blacks and will be a really practical yet stunning worktop for your kitchen. Our granite stones is very strong and durable stone and is composed of quartz and feldspar mixed with particles of mica.

These granite slabs and tiles are used for decorating paths and walls and are offered at industry leading rates. This is dark/light brown granite stone with or without white specks. It is available in tiles and slab form, cut in any shape or size. These slabs and tiles are available in polished and swan surface finishes. It is popularly used as architectural stone for interior and exterior walls, floors and monumental stone etc. These tiles should be properly cleaned after use so that they retain their beauty for a long period of time.


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