China White Granite

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China White Granite are hard, durable, wear proof as well as scratch resistant. It has a off white base mixed with grey and has brown spots spread all over. It is one of the popular natural stones for making calibrated tiles, structural building slabs, memorials, kerbs and landscape garden stones. It is a very hard and lustrous stone that is highly duarable, stain resistant and scratch resistant. Its crystalline texture and large variety of beautiful colors makes it the favorite stone for a host of applications. It is prized for exterior cladding, countertops, floorings or wherever a long lasting and beautiful material is needed.

China White Granite slabs have smooth finish and high aesthetic appeal. Owing to their sophisticated appearance and excellent strength, these slabs are ideal for construction projects, especially for flooring, cladding kitchen counters and table tops. China white granite slabs are appreciated for their high strength, glossy finish, attractive look, and durability. Also these natural Indian granite tiles and slabs are easy to clean, have a smooth and soothing touch with an elegant look. Owing to its attractive textures, smooth surface, long lasting finish and durability, it is used in constructing roofs, floors and walls.


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