Colombo Juparana Granite

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Colombo Juprana granite is ochre-yellow, yellowish-brown or pinkish-yellow colored granite which possess excellent hardness ensuring durable usages. They are provided with excellent polishing which enhances the appearance. They are available in various shades of beige and gray colors with black, brown and white wavy specks patterns. Due to their non porous property, water resistant property they are used in the bathrooms, kitchen frequently and in all those places where water usage is quite high.

Colombo Juprana can be used for kitchen countertops, bathrooms near the shower head, staircases etc. These tiles provide classy look to the house. Now a days bathrooms are ought to be spacious and refreshing at the same time. To give your bathroom an elegant look colombo juprana tiles can be used on the shower heads, countertop shelves, on the walls and many more. These tiles not only help in enhancing the look of the bathroom but also provide durability, these slabs are scratch resistant and weather resistant. They also impart attractive appeal, excellent polish, smooth texture and durability.


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