Colonial White Granite

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Colonial White Granite has a white color base with swirls and lining patterns which gives a striking appearance to the applied area. Due to the qualities of the stone, the slabs are book-matched; meaning slab one and slab two will be cut and polished to create a mirror image of each other. These are then kept in sequence, which allows for a consistent flow in pattern. This granite slab comes in a wide spectrum of colors and alluring patterns. This does not affect the durability, maintenance or beauty of the stone. It is a natural and unique material that offers strength, durability, easy maintenance and is reasonably priced.

Colonial White Granite a natural stone of great beauty and style that adds prestige and elegance to any d├ęcor like kitchen countertops, vanities, showers, fire mantels, tables and so much more. The granite slabs and tiles is marked by features like scratch resistance, accurate dimension and lustrous appearance. Home looks attractive if floor have designed by colonial white granite slab and for your peace of mind. The glossy surface of the granite slab adds an elegant look to the interior as well exterior of the living room, floors and buildings. It is famous for its high strength and appropriate designing.


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