Copper Red

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Copper Red Slate or Copper Slate as it is popularly called has metallic qualities that are exhibited by the family of slates from this area thus imparting warm reddish copper colors. Its color is predominately red but can also veer towards metallic greens, grays and oranges. Copper Red slate in natural finish depicts quite rough surface texture at times as is common with the family of slates.

The amazing hues within Copper Red Slate create a mesmerizing pattern perfect for contemporary interiors. Copper Red slate is suitable for application in interiors only.

Copper Red is too the member of the same family of slates that depict 3 Dimensional look upon honing / polishing. Copper Red honed / polished surface displays quite unique waves & ripples creating a visual illusion of the surface being rough despite the same being smooth to touch. It is a soft slate tendering a very warm appeal to any surroundings as Red draws in general attention and thus use of Copper Red as at accent locations can immediately focus the attention of each onlooker.


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