Deoli Green Polished

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Deoli Green Slate also popularly called as Desert Gold slate is easily identified by the small and tight ripple pattern that it shows on its surface. Its color is predominately silver and golds but can also veer towards metallic greens, grays and oranges. It is a slate that is best suited for indoor use only. The vibrant colors and unique texture make Deoli Green slate tiles / slabs perfect choice for interior applications. Deoli Green Slate is a family of slate stone that exhibits a 3 Dimensional look upon Honing / polishing. Exclusive to this family even after polishing it will create a visual illusion of the natural texture despite surface being smooth to touch. Due to mica content in the slate stone the natural sheen that it carries is simply unmatched and beautiful.

The slate stone carries reddish / black spots which indeed are garnet which gets bisected during the polishing process and thus giving the polished surface exclusivity to any surroundings.


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