Golden Juparana Granite

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Golden Juparana Granite has a golden color base with swirls and lining patterns which gives a striking appearance to the applied area. Its smooth finishing offers a classically elegant feel to any construct. Swirls, waves and strips of golden and pink colour on gray colour base make this granite look beautiful. We are suppliers of golden juparana granite slabs and tiles. The golden juparana granite is mostly used for flooring and claddings. This granite slab comes in a wide spectrum of colors and alluring patterns.

Golden Juparana Granite slabs during the polishing process, an epoxy resin is applied to the surface of the slabs to fill in any natural pits, cracks or fissures that may exist in the stone. This does not affect the durability, maintenance or beauty of the slab. It is possible for some of the more minute pits that are too small to effectively hold the resin, to reopen during other finishing stages. However, this will not detract from the overall quality or appearance of the stone. As a natural stone product, it is recommended that this be sealed to extend its longevity. It is famous for its high strength and appropriate designing.


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