Lemon Ice Granite

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Lemon Ice Granite is a unique and precious stone and it can present itself with color and structure variations. SMG Overseas Stones is a part of SMG Overseas are the premium manufacturer and exporter of lemon ice granite gangsaw slabs from India. Variety of Indian granite stones types provides to builders, distributors and homeowners with remarkably low prices. These slabs and tiles have strong and tough surface that can easily bear the temperature of hot vessels.

The interlocking structure of lemon ice granite provides great strength and low porosity which is necessary for a wide range of applications in constructions and architectures. Its colors of constructs give a very refreshing appearance that makes environment also healthy and bright. These slabs depict style and a timeless beauty. Its slabs natural stones designs make a beautiful addition and increase the value of your home. So it is ideal to be used as kitchen slabs. The slabs which is latest stones designs of India can also be used for home flooring and this can give your house a classic yet contemporary appearance.


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