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N Green Slate has a dark green consistent colored slate tough and safe when wet and easily maintained and the surface is quite even. N Green is a beautiful slate stone used extensively and widely for interior and exterior décor purposes. Green is a color that gives happiness and a meaning to the greener surroundings, thus reminding you of the environment almost every-time you come close to it. Green suggests prosperity and success. Green color generates an unusual brightness around. N Green Slate is a type of slate stone that would keep the onlookers astonished with its beauty.

N green slate stones are continuously in demand among people due to its scratch less behavior and durability factor. N Green Slate is a beautiful and versatile product that adds a feeling of warmth and timeless elegance to compliment or feature any design. Hand selected for texture and color, each tile creates an exceptional surface. With a finished look of a solid stone wall, the versatile arrangement options additionally offer endless potential to design incredible installations. The natural highlights of N Green Slate tiles produces amazing effect that changes subtly with both natural and artificial lighting.


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