Ocean Green

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Ocean Green Slate also popularly called as Ocean Slate is easily identified by the wonderful aqua marine feel which can leave anyone in a state of gaze & tempt him relentlessly to get the stone installed near him. Ocean Green slate surface do carry some quartz crystals which becomes visible & give the stone uniqueness upon honing. Its color is predominately Greenish Gray but can also veer towards metallic rust, grays and oranges.

It is a slate that is best suited for indoor & exterior wall cladding use only. The vibrant colors and unique texture make Ocean Green slate tiles / slabs perfect choice for interior applications.

Ocean Green Slate is a family of slate stone that exhibits a 3 Dimensional look upon Honing / polishing. Exclusive to this family after polishing it will create a visual illusion of depth of ocean with waves pattern surrounded mystically with the clouds of gold, gray or bronze. The honed version also tends to be less colorful (less greens, yellows, etc.) but it does tend to have more gold, rust and silver gray clouds.


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