Vyara Gold Granite

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Vyara Gold Granite has a largely of faded bluish-gray and tan-peach hues, traverse patches of solid stone and multicolored grains. Splashes of maroon, garnets, and mica flakes highlight charm. Its slabs are used for the indoor and outdoor decoration with graceful, unique and classical effect. This granite is liked all over the world because of the vivid color grains and wavy impressions. Its smooth finishing offers a classically elegant feel to the applicable area. These slabs are widely acclaimed for uniformity and optimum compressive strength. This granite slab comes in a wide spectrum of colors and alluring patterns.

Vyara Gold Granite slabs are of golden look and ivorish wavy gold gang saw slab gives a royal feel when used in the flooring. The texture of these granite slabs creates a mesmerizing effect. These granite slabs exhibit high characteristics such as high compressive strength, high tensile strength and uniformity, hence are extremely suitable for all kinds of interiors and exteriors. These slabs add charm and value to your space. This type of granite stone is very popular all over the world and is extensively used for making tiles, blocks and slabs. The glossy surface of the granite slab adds an elegant look to the interior as well exterior of the living room, floors and buildings. It is famous for its high strength and appropriate designing.


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