White Galaxy Granite

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White Galaxy Granite has a white color base with swirls and lining patterns which gives a striking appearance to the applied area. Its smooth finishing offers a classically elegant feel to any construct. It has a blue, grey to white background with dark blue specks in it. There are several different quarries of white galaxy granite and the colour can vary considerably. For large projects ensure that the blocks are all extracted from the same quarry face for matching purposes. In addition, this particular granite product is now widely used in different countries, different applications and commercial entities.

White Galaxy Granite slabs are light, airy granite with white, grey and hints of darkness mean this will go with almost any color pallet. It is rather consistent and does not vary as much as other stones. The slab sizes for this stone are only average. They are not too small nor are they very large. The block sizes do vary and as a result so do the slab sizes. This stone is popular in smaller kitchens as the overall light color tends to help smaller rooms feel larger. It is suitable for use on a floor, wall or countertop. These slabs are highly polished with a smooth finish and have a high variation in tone.


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