Bala Grey Granite

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Bala Grey Granite can be used for various purposes like in bathrooms, countertops, vanity tops, staircases, roofing, wallcaldding tiles, floor tiles etc. Bala grey granite gangsaw and cutter size slabs and tiles look good when they are applied on the roofs of the house which makes the roof look different and grey flowery at the same time. They can also be used in the dining room to so that it provides a soothing and happy surrounding to the room. The given granite is available in various finishes like natural, honed, polished, calibrated, brushed, sandblasted and tumbled in hand cut or machine cut edges.

Bala Grey Granite can also be used for the staircases to make them look elegant instead of old and boring. Last but not the least they can also be used in the kitchen on the countertops to make them look colorful and beautiful. Grey like flowers are liked by everyone so these slabs are always asked for as they have the ability to make the house look pretty and and classy. Natural Stones are regarded to be the back bone of any building, the colorful pattern is liked by all people but the interior matching has to be done wisely and sensibly. The color of the interiors in the house should be decided according to the slab’s color, texture.


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