Z Brown Granite

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Z Brown Granite are widely used for making various residential as well as commercial space floors and walls. These granite slabs are available in various designer patterns and ranges. It has a warm, neutral color and the pattern is really easy on the eyes. It is famous for its high strength and appropriate designing. Z brown granite will definitely make a great solid surface whether used as a tile or a worktop since sharp edged materials will not go through it and stains are easily taken off making it very resistive to damage.

Z Brown Granite slabs shows resistance against weather, wear, freeze and thaw and also mildew. It is also resistant against fire and heat. It is mainly used for flooring. It looks best when it is glossy and flamed. It is always massive, hard and tough, and therefore it has gained widespread use as a construction stone. These kitchen counters are not only attractive but come’s in a wide variety of designs & are affordable in comparison to other granite colors. It is easy to blend with your house and kitchen decor, so you won’t have a problem in changing your current kitchen floor and kitchentop.


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