Paradiso Classic Granite

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Paradiso Classic Granite has purple and black color base with swirls and lining patterns which gives a striking appearance to the applied area. Its smooth finishing offers a classically elegant feel to any construct. The paradiso classic granite is a hard and durable granite and we have found that it is very useful in indoor and outdoor applications such as flooring, kitchen countertops, steps, treads, staircases, vanity tops, vases. We recommend you to buy this gangsaw and cutter granite in slabs and tiles form.

Paradiso Classic Granite slabs are available both as polished and unpolished finishes. We are supplying paradiso classic granite mainly in large projects and biggest dealers in commercials and residential projects. We are also suppling paradiso classic granite rough blocks of high durability, flawless finishes, rugged nature. This granite is most popular in architects & builders. We got paradiso classic granite very high numbers of orders from domestic as well international. We have a wide range of paradiso classic granite available in its best form with all shapes, sizes colour and varieties.


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