Urban Classic Granite

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Urban Classic Granite is one of the most admirable and popular granite used for many purpose. It has a pink color background with black and white speckles present on it. Due to its richness in color it is hugely appreciated in the construction world. The applications of urban classic granite slabs are really excellent and amazing. These granite slabs are widely used for indoor and outdoor applications due to their uniformity. We SMG Overseas are the wholesale manufacturer and impoter / exporter of urban classic granite gangsaw slabs from India. It imparts a graceful, unique and classical effect to the exterior.

Urban Classic granite slabs add to the stylish appearance of the home decors. It is a stunning mix of pink, white and black color. They are priced due to their superior polish and dimensionally accurate edges. It provides a rich, natural, high end appeal to any architect. These slabs and tiles are also praised across the globe for their enchanting designs and ease of cleaning. The unique elegance and long term durability of our affordable priced granite will entice you with its timeless magic.


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